Duke Feuer2 Sacro 123,983,071,915 Z6I haven't been on here in forever! (4 days)
[DBH] Diablo Nephilim ShadoW 922,337,203,685 Z7no clan boost.. just straight play, possibly merging after reset? (1 week)
[DBH] Diablo Nephilim ShadoW 922,337,203,685 Z7Havent ran script, (1 week)
[DBH] Diablo Nephilim ShadoW 922,337,203,685 Z7im down for reset (1 week)
[DBH] Admin Draco Malfoy 100See no one has logged in lately. I will check back every 2-3 days to see if anyone will be / still wants a reset (2 weeks)
[DBH] Admin Draco Malfoy 100sorry yall, life got busy (2 weeks)
[DBH] Admin Draco Malfoy 100Found player Lord Jimbodini casted a sex change spell Admin. (2 weeks)
Duke Elder ShadoW 432,118,470,765 Z4hmm 12 year old char... silenT? (1 month)
Duke Elder ShadoW 432,118,470,765 Z4General SilenTTPremium member (1 month)
Guardian Marasilverblade Dragon 5,171,183,976it's all dead lmao unless we get this going (1 month)
Guardian Marasilverblade Dragon 5,171,183,976burning through the ones i have in m6 (1 month)
Guardian Marasilverblade Dragon 5,171,183,976i still havent in m3 lol (1 month)
Lord Jimbodini Elves 666broke the rules mentioning it tbh, opps (1 month)
Lord Jimbodini Elves 666.com is dead to me now (1 month)
Lord Jimbodini Elves 666i very nearly bought creds on m3 but i honestly don;t see the point (1 month)
Lord Jimbodini Elves 666if we reset here and we can use mergers i'll move all 3 of my sets of gc's here and i'll build the merger maker script for here (1 month)
Lord Jimbodini Elves 666Lol, lost my title. (1 month)
Lord Jimbodini Elves 666if we have no boost, where will we stand on mergers after reset. I was thinking I could port the merger build script to here and we could build mergers (1 month)
Guardian Marasilverblade Dragon 5,171,183,976you can reset anytime, we did have an idea... if you do reset would be able to merge and/or build mergers (1 month)
Matriarch Elder ShadoW 432,118,470,765 Z4Sk]mystic power and pimp power (2 months)
Matriarch Elder ShadoW 432,118,470,765 Z4Sk]race name - Dragneel (2 months)
Matriarch Elder ShadoW 432,118,470,765 Z4Sk]btw could you make a race for my Natsu char... (2 months)
Matriarch Elder ShadoW 432,118,470,765 Z4Sk]lets do it (2 months)
[DBH] Admin Draco Malfoy 100way is fine for me (2 months)
[DBH] Admin Draco Malfoy 100If yall want a reset - we are the 3 current players so Im down. Lets just decide if we want a boost or not. If we do, ill take 2 weeks or so for the boost to be set up. If we dont, thats easy. Either (2 months)
Matriarch Elder ShadoW 432,118,470,765 Z4Sk]i say if we decide to reset that we dont do clan boost. makes it easier for stealers and makes the game a little tougher... id keep ks and fp bonus n stuff same though (2 months)
Admin Jimbodini Elves 666let me know if yu are gonna reset and if you think i should add that (2 months)
Admin Jimbodini Elves 666could add a section to auto add people to clan also if it would be benifitial (2 months)
Admin Jimbodini Elves 666so rest will not be an issue (2 months)
Admin Jimbodini Elves 666added stuff to script so it will work from level one as well (2 months)
God Marasilverblade Dragon 5,119,857,406Sk]if you do reset are you doing clan boost or no? if so mage or fighters? (2 months)
God Marasilverblade Dragon 5,119,857,406Sk]It's been Updated (2 months)
[DBH] Diablo Nephilim ShadoW 922,337,203,685 Z7i have full script folder... (2 months)
[DBH] Admin Draco Malfoy 100haha want me to reset it? I can do that - if you post the auto back up :p haha (2 months)
Admin Jimbodini Elves 666might be nice to have a reset (2 months)
Admin Jimbodini Elves 666reset the server?? (2 months)
Admin Jimbodini Elves 666awesome glad things are going well for you (2 months)
[DBH] Admin Draco Malfoy 100</3 (3 months)
[DBH] Admin Draco Malfoy 100Still wish could save though (3 months)
[DBH] Admin Draco Malfoy 100If yall ever wanted a server reset let me know haha (3 months)
[DBH] Admin Draco Malfoy 100Been great mate, busy a lot too with the wife and I both in school and working (3 months)
Admin Jimbodini Elves 666how have you been (3 months)
Admin Jimbodini Elves 666i've been ok mate, been preparing to launch into making a web based game of my own lately, having to refresh on some reading though. g-f working a lot too so got the kids all the time so all in it's b (3 months)
Admin Jimbodini Elves 666would be fun (3 months)
[DBH] Admin Draco Malfoy 100Wish I could do a server save and reset the server for a competition and be able to revert it back to its current state haha (3 months)
[DBH] Admin Draco Malfoy 100How's everyone doing / been? (3 months)
Admin Jimbodini Elves 666ok (4 months)
King Skhelper Undead 728,306,718,355 Z6trashy send duel here (4 months)
[DBH] Admin Draco Malfoy 100mmk good deal then (4 months)
God Marasilverblade Dragon 5,119,857,406jimbo make sure shank is hitting mergeme, i maxxed all shops n im hitting equipment (4 months)

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