[DBH] HelpeR Feuer Sacro 576,115,306,104 Z6weird. (1 month)
[DBH] Admin Draco Malfoy 100awh no messages (3 months)
[DBH] Admin Draco Malfoy 100so weird (9 months)
[DBH] Admin Draco Malfoy 100I know stuff was said in more than a year ago haha (9 months)
[DBH] Admin Draco Malfoy 100weird, what happened to the convo (9 months)
Cop Elder ShadoW 2,061Sk]prolly (2 years)
Admin Jimbodini Elves 666hmm, fella might be on holiday or something (2 years)
[SK] Diablo Demigod Undead 100i did too, no word back yet (2 years)
Admin Jimbodini Elves 666hmm, did you use the contact info on paypal to contact the silent? (2 years)
[DBH] Cop Bambsi Paladin 100just had an error with buying creds and it took the money but no creds (2 years)
Admin Jimbodini Elves 666he'll (2 years)
Admin Jimbodini Elves 666hello mend it if he got the e-mail, never taken him more than 3-4 hours to fix that stuff for me in the passed (2 years)
Marquess Elder ShadoW 2,061Sk]except the second payment went through but no credits arrived (2 years)
Marquess Elder ShadoW 2,061Sk]still waiting for a reply from SilenT for these credits lol i accidently bought 300 twice here (2 years)
[DBH] Admin Jimbodini Elves 666;) (2 years)
Earl Elder ShadoW 1,001Sk]nvm silly issue got it handled (2 years)
Earl Elder ShadoW 1,001Sk]script no bueno in devan... idk if its because of the level of my char or what (2 years)
Earl Elder ShadoW 1,001Sk]interesting (2 years)
[1V1] Conquerer Legendary Alfs 2,943,256hmm (2 years)
[DBH] Admin Jimbodini Elves 666i'll rebuild the script with a different method in the next week, it might improve your reload times because it seems you have 0 connection issues (2 years)
[DBH] Admin Jimbodini Elves 666ok (2 years)
[DBH] Cop Bambsi Paladin 100im running double here too (2 years)
[DBH] Admin Jimbodini Elves 666and there is a pre edited one for those of yoyu that would prefer (2 years)
[DBH] Admin Jimbodini Elves 666p.s you only need to edit the mech.pm file once, unless you reinstall activeperl (2 years)
[DBH] Admin Jimbodini Elves 666is it me or is your auto here going just fine??? or have you stacked them again?? (2 years)
[DBH] Admin Jimbodini Elves 666i'm trying venez, but we're running out of options (2 years)
[DBH] Cop Bambsi Paladin 100im over there now. do you have a clan with bonus stats like here? (2 years)
Viscount Elder ShadoW 1,001Sk]well if ya do let me know, i got decent xp over there and admin... tuffy isn't on much anymore just pops in randomly or shoots me a text (2 years)
[GoH] HelpeR Bambs Paladin 4,342,879,996might send this guy to devan world haha (2 years)
Viscount Elder ShadoW 1,001Sk]lol (2 years)
[DBH] Cop Bambsi Paladin 100well if he can make it work that is (2 years)
[DBH] Cop Bambsi Paladin 100when jim can get me the fixed sscript i might run more (2 years)
Viscount Elder ShadoW 1,001Sk]i have a handful, 2-3 on each world... ill run my three here on auto... me n tuffy have some in devan too, mine two are on top (2 years)
Viscount Elder ShadoW 1,001Sk]lol (2 years)
[DBH] Cop Bambsi Paladin 100i cant be bothred to run more then 1 account here haha (2 years)
Lord Skhelper Undead 100Sk]found most my logins (2 years)
Viscount Elder ShadoW 1,001Sk]ok (2 years)
[DBH] Cop Bambsi Paladin 100im venez (2 years)
Viscount Elder ShadoW 1,001Sk]? (2 years)
[DBH] Cop Bambsi Paladin 100jim made the new script with the changed mech file (2 years)
Viscount Elder ShadoW 1,001Sk]josh/> (2 years)
[DBH] Cop Bambsi Paladin 100new script should be in forums (2 years)
Viscount Elder ShadoW 1,001Sk]for .com? (2 years)
Viscount Elder ShadoW 1,001Sk]do i need to change mech file if i already changed it (2 years)
Viscount Elder ShadoW 1,001Sk]hey (2 years)
[1V1] General Legendary Alfs 2,943,256yo (2 years)
[DBH] Admin Jimbodini Elves 666it's up now (2 years)
[DBH] Admin Jimbodini Elves 666just up loading new version now, should be working, good luck, message me if you have any issues with the script (2 years)
[DBH] Admin Jimbodini Elves 666that'll be why i couldn't find bam8i, lol, it was a server transfer (2 years)
[DBH] Admin Jimbodini Elves 666tbh it's over due for an over haul, i get in amongst it tomorrow and soup it up some (2 years)

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