Lord Mergetests Centaurs 100Jim]this char was a lower level than this when i teleported (2 years)
Lord Mergetests Centaurs 100Jim]boo, lol (2 years)
Lord 123lols123 Dragon 236k (5 years)
[BXD] Major Boxxs Dragon 100o-o (6 years)
[NNH] Emperor Joeyroo Kangaroo 2,045,056Ok :) We'll chat to you shortly (6 years)
[NNH] King Dhelp HELP! 7,296Bah, have some work to do. Will leave lyrania open on my laptop so can chat there. Anyway have fun (6 years)
[NNH] Emperor Joeyroo Kangaroo 1,814,336Mashiluhoso Charm 47713 Finder Joeyroo +63 % Strength +39 % Dexterity +36 % Agility +49 % Concentration <-- Thats a keeper (6 years)
[NNH] Emperor Joeyroo Kangaroo 1,683,556Angel to God in 2 fights :P (6 years)
[NNH] God Soapsuds Lycan 1,931Just noticed im a god :o (6 years)
[NNH] Emperor Joeyroo Kangaroo 1,642,091Argh, I haven't found any Strength stat charms yet (6 years)
[NNH] God Soapsuds Lycan 1,321Haha ^^ Im getting tons of levels with 2 fights lol XD (6 years)
[NNH] Emperor Joeyroo Kangaroo 1,464,116She's done 2 fights LOL (6 years)
[NNH] King Dhelp HELP! 6,946God Soapsuds :) (6 years)
[NNH] Emperor Joeyroo Kangaroo 1,464,116:P (6 years)
[NNH] King Dhelp HELP! 6,946haha, kinda cheating with tyrael in the clan (6 years)
[NNH] Emperor Joeyroo Kangaroo 1,392,881It's a shame we haven't got 10 people in the clan :P So we can participate in dead tourneys lol (6 years)
[NNH] Angel Soapsuds Lycan 446Thank you :D (6 years)
[NNH] King Dhelp HELP! 6,946:) You have FP too (6 years)
[NNH] Emperor Joeyroo Kangaroo 1,358,576She's lucky i'm sat right next to her so I can show her what to do :P And its great playing this and Lyrania side by side in windows (6 years)
[NNH] Angel Soapsuds Lycan 346Yay! Thank you ^^ (6 years)
[NNH] Admin Tyrael Original 922,337,203,685 Z7Right done :) (6 years)
[NNH] Angel Soapsuds Dragon 346Lycan will be great ^^ Thank you :) (6 years)
[NNH] Admin Tyrael Original 922,337,203,685 Z7Or just Lycan (6 years)
[NNH] Admin Tyrael Original 922,337,203,685 Z7I couldnt get you werewolf, was taken. I got you another name for them though lycanthrope if you like that? (6 years)
[NNH] Angel Soapsuds Dragon 316No worries ^^ (6 years)
[NNH] Admin Tyrael Original 922,337,203,685 Z7Her*, apologies :) (6 years)
[NNH] Emperor Joeyroo Kangaroo 1,305,436Her :P (6 years)
[NNH] Admin Tyrael Original 922,337,203,685 Z7Dont think you can, I have a bunch more lying around. I can send him mine (6 years)

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