Lord Mergeme Alfs 100Sk]what lol (2 years)
HelpeR Wiggleme4 Troll 100hey (2 years)
[DBH] HelpeR Wiggleme3 Troll 100activate (2 years)
[DBH] HelpeR Wiggleme3 Troll 100try again (2 years)
[DBH] HelpeR Wiggleme3 Troll 100activte (2 years)
[DBH] HelpeR Wiggleme3 Troll 100ACTIV|TE (2 years)
Lord Beardenvy Dwarf 686I haven't played this game in forever. Looks like no one else has either... (4 years)
Lord Millenia Human 100Hmm (7 years)
Lord Millenia Human 100Not much (7 years)
[SDW] Admin Shift bloods 922,337,203,685 Z7was up (7 years)
Lord Millenia Human 100Nice.... (7 years)
Admin Imperium Admin 100Thanks. (7 years)
Admin Imperium Admin 100:o (7 years)
Lord Imperium Admin 100Im just kidding, im good with whatever you think suits the name (7 years)
Lord Imperium Admin 100Admin Imperium would be nice? (7 years)
[SDW] Admin Shift Paladin 922,337,203,685 Z7do u two want a special name or anything (7 years)
[DBH] Admin Shift Paladin 922,337,203,685 Z7was up welcome (7 years)
[NF] Queen Watch Crazy 100o no rules sweet, time to (7 years)
Lord Imperium Admin 100First on ladder, first in chat, nice. (7 years)

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