PHP 5.6 compatible update 21-04-2016 00:30:38, Last updated 5-11-2009 23:56:13, Previous update 16-12-2006 04:39
This game has been changed and modified not all functions are the from the standard Evolve coded Lords Of Lords code.
Big Changes Are!
Create your own sub world and be the only admin for the world is in planning.
Here are some game modes you can choose from.

Configurations available for the worlds are now :
Max Killing Spree
Max Players Per IP
Max FP bonus
World Resets days or never
Chat Timer
More to come...

The price is set to 5.000 credits so only serious players are allowed to create an world.

How to get a world started?
Just signup and login then follow the steps at create your own world.

Clan members helps in any battle 5 members are chosen to help you, they must be an lower or same level char.

Clan members also helps in duels!! So be warned!

At the bottom of the stats page you can see wich clan members are helping you in battle!

last updated: 25-04-2016 23:52:41 last update inlcude:
auto battle in fight.
auto battle in world.
auto level in stats.
freeplay can now level up later in stats.
max 50 races for world admins

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