Top players sorted by level, Alfs Asumodus Barbarian Beasties Centaurs Dracoids Dragon Drow Dwarf Elves Eurodite Faeries Gnome Goblins Human Humeves Hydroids Ishae Minotaurs Necro Ogre Paladin Reptasar Sacro Satyrs Troll Undead Wemics
1[SiH] Matriarch LuthorAlfs467,239,216,585 Z3396,481,423,419 Z34
2Emperor Noname17Alfs149,111,501,988 Z3160,386,886,426 Z33
3[AKA] Emperor KolokoyakoAlfs107,824,419,991 Z3580,138,844,689 Z32
4[RIP] Prince Hacksaw90Alfs13,006110,945,145,526 Z3
5[BM] God BlackdeathAlfs1,04657,673,245,971
6Lady ShaxAlfs211444,947,020
7Lord DarlingAlfs171254,210,504
8Lord HipeoplezAlfs12694,699,488
9Lord FallenAlfs10659,471,635
10[RIP] Lord Thechar4Alfs10075,000
11[RIP] Lord Thechar3Alfs10075,000
12[RIP] Lord ThecharAlfs10075,000
13F uck u and SmdalexAlfs10050,000
14[OIG] Lord Blue2Alfs100114,617
15[OIG] Lord Watch3Alfs100114,617
16Lord ThugtuffyAlfs1002,405,774
17Lady DracellaAlfs527,031,249
18Lord DfhgdfAlfs402,954,220
19Evil KishankillAlfs331,667,210
20Crazy AsmodeusAlfs301,371,720
21Lord HotsaraAlfs22541,474
22Lord AwesomoAlfs16370,106
23Lord Cahrname99Alfs16179,385
24Lord ZaneboyAlfs738,080
25Lord Lapara21Alfs2247,987
26Lord DeathgrinAlfs10
27Lord StogsdillAlfs10
28Lord ArcadiusAlfs10
29Lord Axle22Alfs10
30Evil GrimnessAlfs10
31Evil Damian672Alfs10
32Lord Anbi21Alfs10
33Lord Testing5Alfs10
34Lord Testing3Alfs10
35Lord TestingAlfs10
36Lord HellholeAlfs1156,321
37Lord BigwillyblAlfs10
38Lady SilentoneAlfs10
39Lady JewelAlfs10
40Lord GeneralbugAlfs10
41Lord NiemeierAlfs10
42Angel AccoAlfs10
43Lady Sandra543Alfs10
44Lord EmokidAlfs10
45Lord 75390Alfs113,818
46Crazy QeqeqeqeqeAlfs188,410
47Lord RgergAlfs10

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