Top players sorted by level, Alfs Asumodus Barbarian Beasties Centaurs Dracoids Dragon Drow Dwarf Elves Eurodite Faeries Gnome Goblins Human Humeves Hydroids Ishae Minotaurs Necro Ogre Paladin Reptasar Sacro Satyrs Troll Undead Wemics
1[St] God Layla123Dracoids331,191172,043,945,932 Z7
2Lord TimomsDracoids5219,741,615,475
3[EnD] Evil HemanDracoids3411,973,031,487
4[EnD] Alien QuarkDracoids3361,895,827,658
5[EnD] Angel JaelDracoids251791,507,008
6[EnD] Evil MelchomDracoids141136,437,106
7[DF] Angel FrostfuryDracoids10655,032,632
8Evil GubbieDracoids15143,980
9Evil BajumpaaDracoids10
10Lord EspreDracoids10
11Alien Pooplord12Dracoids10
12Lord DargoDracoids168,178
13Evil Dogbite15Dracoids10
14Lord BeaztDracoids10
15Lord DionDracoids10
16Angel RoxvodDracoids10
17Lord JartDracoids156,529

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