Top players sorted by level, Alfs Asumodus Barbarian Beasties Centaurs Dracoids Dragon Drow Dwarf Elves Eurodite Faeries Gnome Goblins Human Humeves Hydroids Ishae Minotaurs Necro Ogre Paladin Reptasar Sacro Satyrs Troll Undead Wemics
1King DovcpatzTroll24,261722,915,008,091 Z3
2Emperor DeiacTroll12,191879,562,233,321 Z2
3Insane FrankpurduTroll2,531812,978,575,901
4[EnD] Crazy GrummpyTroll136117,110,707
5Lord Richard113Troll241,568,706
6Lord EvendeenTroll14121,436
7Crazy WellardTroll10
8Lord MyrmanTroll10
9Evil AellarinTroll10
10Lord Richard111Troll10
11Lord TroldeperTroll185,294
12Angel AngeltrollTroll10
13Lady YplpwbalgpTroll10

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